Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Times are low, our nation seems to be in despair, and this emotion  is rolling downhill. Here in the great state of California we are especially flailing. Signs of renaissance are all but present and morale is lower than we have seen in quite some time. One specific issue with Proposition 19 vocalized by our opponents, from both individuals and organizations like the California State Association of Counties, is that leaving commercial regulations and ordinances up to counties, "Will be particularly problematic."

Leaving the questions of sales taxation and regulation primarily to local governments is the most empowering and strategically special points of Proposition 19. With financial disparity sweeping the state, county and city funds are being raided. They are being raided so frequently and ruthlessly that a ballot initiative (Prop 22) has been created in hopes to blockade some of these sweeps. And when these local authorities are in such a state of woe, they should be turning to the text of Proposition 19 in hopes of regaining control and diffusing ambiguity. Taxes to be gained from this so called "Green Rush" will be seen where it is needed most, at home. Local police, fire, education, maintenance, and other departments will be the first to inherit this most necessary funding.

Proposition 19 is a game changer. We will be seeing the benefits of Prop 19 at home, in our cities, and even across the state once regulations are in place and commerce is established. It is most noteworthy to mention that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has taken specific interest in Prop 19.

"We are all affected by this scourge of drug trafficking," Santos said, referring to Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. "We must sit down and work out how we are going to react and what is going to happen after this referendum," he said. "All strategies that are combined are more effective."

Ending cannabis prohibition is long overdue and it will be embraced, as it should. Prohibition is not for the greater good, it is simply great for the few who profit from it. It is time for change and we will WIN!

Recent News and Past Events

9/17  Lobsterfest, Yes on 19 Allstars, and Nada Rasta
Friday was a crazy day! Lots of events starting at 5PM running basically till 2 in the morning! We collected over 200 signatures at Lobsterfest alone! The Yes on 19 Allstars and Nada Rasta events were also off the hook! Great vibes, great responses and a great time all together!

9/18 - 9/19   Lobsterfest and Venice Beach
Unfortunately day 2 of Lobsterfest ended earlier than expected. Our volunteers had an unexpected and out of the law's reach confrontation with a rookie police officer who stepped out of line. Everything ended well and nobody was arrested or even cited. We maintained composure and the public's response to us being there is still awesome! We were even invited back after Lobsterfest's end! Tons of pledges from Lobsterfest day 2 and 3 as well as at Venice Beach!

9/19  Upright Citizen's Brigade
Do I even have to say anything? AMAZING as usual! Those guys love us and we love them! Hopefully we can work out a specialty prop 19 show!

9/6, 9/13, 9/20  Laughs for Legalization!
These guys were hilarious! It was a pleasure being able to work with some awesome comedians and the producer wasn't too bad himself! Haha, we hope to work with them again in the future and I believe some Universal Citywalk tabling events are in the works!!

Events are popping up all the time! We also have our office headquarters located at the Patient ID Center in Atwater Village. We need people in there all the time Mon-Sat 10A-6P!! Please get in contact with us to get involved!

Forrest Rosenbach
(818) 415-8094
Assistant Field Director Los Angeles

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