Thursday, September 16, 2010

47 Days Left!

With a month and a half left in the battle for Proposition 19, things are heating up! According to The Marijuana Policy Project website, the California Beer and Beverage Distributors has made a $10,000 contribution to the "No on 19 campaign." MPP's Director of Government Relations, Steve Fox, expresses “Unless the beer distributors in California have suddenly developed a philosophical opposition to the use of intoxicating substances, the motivation behind this contribution is clear. Plain and simple, the alcohol industry is trying to kill the competition."

Ironically, I believe this to be a favor to the "Yes on 19" campaign. The ever so demonized plant that is often recognized as a hard, addictive drug is now being leveled by the "socially accepted" alcohol industry. By their own admission! This kind of statement may be just the kind of epiphany society has been waiting for!

Recent News
09/10 - 09/12  Hempcon
Excellent turn out! Many great discussions and tons of new voters registered. We encountered an interesting opposition from a recurring few individuals, but beyond their inadequate opposition the general experience and connections made were superb!

09/11 Judge Gray vs. John Redman Debate in Irvine
John Redman from the "Official No on 19 Campaign" joined us at the Irvine United Congregational Church on Saturday to perform a formal debate with Retired CA Superior Court Judge Jim Gray. This event can be described with one word...Win.
Though several press releases were released by the opposition, with over 100 attendees, only 2 supporters showed up (John Redman and his assistant). They had a table waiting for them to set up, but when they realized we were all supporters they didn't even bother! This event was a clear example of the position in which the supporters of Prop 19 have placed our opponents. Redman's (hehe, Red Man) presentation through the debate was flaccid. He had absolutely zero coherence in his defense or offense. He had logical fallacies in almost every statement that left his mouth. It was a brilliant and effortless win for Judge Gray.
(We should all acknowledge that Jim Gray has been an outstanding patriot in his efforts to speak for common sense especially when it comes to marijuana prohibition. Thank You Judge Gray!!)

09/11 Pomona Art Walk
Awesome as usual, Thank you Benay!!!

09/13 West Hollywood Press Release
On Monday Sept. 13, a handful of former Law Enforcement Officials (including a reprisal by Judge Gray), Prosecutors, and Dale Sky Jones gathered in West Hollywood and Oakland for a Press Release. The officials spoke out in favor of Proposition 19 with lists of other law enforcement endorsers. The release in West Hollywood was stationed in front of a playground at West Hollywood Park causing reporters to inquire about a "struggling demographic" for our campaign, asking Dale if the women and mothers with their children behind us would support us and if this was just a gimmick. After the release disbanded the reporters swarmed the parents in the playground expecting to hear opposition, when to the contrary, most of the adults but maybe a couple, were all for Proposition 19!

We are being heard! We are being seen! And the response is beautiful! But we cannot let up. With only 47 days left till the big day our battle has only just begun!

If you are not already directly involved with our volunteer effort please get in contact and join us! 
If you are planning an event please feel free to contact us!

Forrest Rosenbach
(818) 415-8094

Assistant Field Director Los Angeles

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