Monday, October 18, 2010


15 Days Left!!!!!

If you go to Google and type in "Prop 19," then click the news option, you will find yourself engorged with and even overwhelmed by the amount of articles and news reports revealed. Granted, a lot of the articles are repeats or similar stories, but the fact is: Prop 19 is the Buzz. All across the country, in practically every city, newspapers are debating and questioning our current drug policies. Even more audacious and brilliant is the effect our initiative is having on our world.

Proposition 19 is generating international debate, with leaders in Mexico and throughout Latin America and Europe watching California closely as they rethink their own policies. The world seems to be hanging on our decision this November. Places like the Netherlands where the sales and use of cannabis is legal but production (cultivation) remains illegal, many problems have risen and activists are looking to our measure in hopes of a more positive direction. In the UK where it is illegal but slightly accepted (much like here in the US), legalization is being widely called for... California is up front bringing the much needed evidence to the table, that this is the most common sense direction to go.

Within the vast array of Prop 19 news, the Wall Street Journal has a poll asking, "Should California Voters Pass Proposition 19 to Legalize Marijuana?" As of the time this blog is posted the current standings of this poll is at 93.5% - Yes and 6.5% - No.

Commenters like Charlie Rosewater under the WSJ Poll are filling the cyberspace with messages like:
    "We should not legalize marijuana because it will garner tax revenue. We should legalize marijuana because in our great country we recognize the privacy and sanctity of the individual, adult citizen. Who's to say what I should do behind closed doors other than myself? The argument of causing harm to oneself or to others is just not powerful enough: there's not enough evidence to suggest that harm caused by marijuana is sufficient to deny it from those who want it, especially when you factor in non-combustion forms of ingestion, like vaporization or edibility"
and John G. Chase:
    "If CA voters can summon the courage to vote against their police and politicians -- local state and federal -- they will be performing a public service to all Americans. It will be harder now than it was for New York in 1923 when NY opted out of National Prohibition.... harder because the feds have been sending $millions to local governments to "fight drugs", and marijuana is the linchpin of anti-drug policy."
People are unbuttoning their apprehensions and stepping from their safe zone into this debate. The world is speaking. It is time for change. Yes on 19!

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